MANNA - project 11
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Development of a bioinformatics platform for analysing big data from Omics analyses - OMnalysis

Prof. Mangesh Bhide
University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice
Prof. Armand Sanchez
Autonomous University of Barcelona
University of Glasgow
Dr. Milan Samaj
MetLabs (Slovak Republic)

TAGS: OMnalysi; OMICS; cognitive text mining;



The aim of the project is to generate an integrated software platform (OMnalysis) to understand the biological relevance of the molecules (putative biomarkers) identified from the omics approaches to address the existing gap in big data analysis.

Description of the project

OMnalysis will use the data generated from other Early Stage Researcher (ESRs, PhD fellows) for the establishment of OMnalysis. OMnalysis will be integrated software platform that will combine the power of different bioinformatic and biostatistic tools, gather information from various OMICS repositories and add capability of cognitive text mining (cognitive computing built on the IBM’s Watson system, handled by private company MetLabs) to reveal the biological relevance of the set of genes, proteins or metabolites.

The ESR will be enrolled by the University of Kosice (;, Slovakia, under the supervision of prof. Mangesh Bhide ( and will be awarded a Double Doctorate degree in co-tutelle with the Autonomous University of Barcelona, under the supervision of Prof. Armand Sanchez. The supervision team is completed by a non-academic supervisor, Dr. Milan Samaj, from MetLab ( in Bratislava.

The research will involve secondments to MetLabs in Bratislava, and FVM ( in Zagreb and the University of Glasgow ( and MetLabs ( at Bratislava.

The selected candidate will participate in the network’s training activities and work placements in the laboratories of the participating academic and industrial partners.

Eligibility criteria are indicated at admission rules page

For the specific ESR 11 position, it will be considered advantageous if the candidate has: Masters degree in bioinformatics or in applied bioinformatics with course of study that enables a foundation in biotechnology, computer programming, computational biology, statistics and database management.

Candidate should have acquired knowledge during his/her degree and master thesis in the field of:

  • biological sequence analysis, molecular phylogeny,
  • structural bioinformatics, systems biology and the bioinformatics aspects of gene expression and proteomics data.
  • A wide range of computer programs used in bioinformatics.
  • Basics of molecular biology, cell biology, statistics
  • computer science and machine learning.
  • Bioinformatics scientific literature and knowledge within the subject area.
  • Integration of the methods in computer science and molecular biology
  • Knowledge of database management or SPSS modeler (data mining/text analytic) or similar platforms

The University of Kosice, Slovakia, requires the following additional documents at the moment of enrolment

Proof of evidence for degree titles:

  • Both BSc. and MSc. degree certificates
  • Transcript (of entire study course)

English language proficiency certificate

Not required. However, the English language proficiency at the time of interview will be judged.


Salary and other benefits for the ESR enrolled at the University of Kosice are according to EU-standards for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and national regulations. The living allowance will be €2568.86 per month (gross amount-subject to employers costs, as well as employees tax and insurance) and appointed ESR will be eligible to pay local tax and insurance. Additional benefits are possible in the case of family allowances which will be €500 per month.

Each ESR will also have a Research and Training allowance which will be managed through the University of Kosice. This will cover the participation of researchers in training activities;

  • expenses related to research costs;
  • tuition fees (where applicable).
  • Visa, residency card for the recruited researcher and their family (where applicable)

A mobility allowance is also available. This will contribute to mobility related expenses of the ESR. The amount of the mobility allowance is specified in Table 1 of the MSCA Work Programme and for calls 2018-2020 and will amount to €600 per month.

Required documentation

Please refer to the general required documentation at

Application process

The deadline for application is 21st May 2018 through the completion of the form under the section ‘send your application‘.