12th February 2019: Conference at the University of Udine

By 3rd September 2019 Marie-Curie Ambassador

Chiara Spigarelli (Tutor of the students of the University of Udine) and Ruben Riosa (ESR5) before the presentation

Do you know what it means to be a Marie Curie Ambassador? On the 12th of March Ruben Riosa, the ESR 5, gave a presentation about it at the Università degli Studi di Udine. In this University Ruben studied for his bachelor’s degree, and so it meant a lot for him to be back there trying to inspire the new students. Of course, this event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Prof. Marco Galeotti (Dean of the Animal Science study programme) and PhD student Chiara Spigarelli (tutor of the students); to whom we would like to send our most cordial thanks.

During this conference, Ruben explained his academic path and tried to highlight the most significative moment that leaded him to pursue his scientific career joining the MANNA network. Thus, his speech covered his bachelor’s and master’s degree thesis, his Erasmus Plus experience at the INRA Centre of Research in Saint-Gilles (France) and of course he explained what he’s doing in the network of the MANNA project. Moreover, as an ambassador he reported and highlighted the major opportunities that the European Commission seeks to guarantee to young students and researchers in the European Union. He focused on: Erasmus programme, Horizon 2020 framework and Marie-Skłodowska Curie Actions. For each of these topics he explained the history of the projects, why are they important and which are the most significant things to know. While doing this, he tried to emphasise how his academic path was influenced by them and he reported his personal experiences, highlighting all the important things that he learnt and the good memories that he took with him. Furthermore, motivation was another major topic that Ruben underlined more than once, trying to inspire these students to pursue their dreams.

Ruben Riosa during his speech

Overall, there was a good participation of the students both from the bachelor’s and the master’s courses. They were particularly interested in understanding the path leading to joining a European programme, and they were keen to gain further insight into Ruben’s experience EU programmes and how they shaped his knowledge and his personal career development. They actively participated during the speech and they were keen to know the details of the MANNA project. Overall, it was a very pleasant afternoon with nice interactive and engaging moments. At the end of the speech some of the students specifically asked for some advice and hopefully Ruben was able to give them constructive suggestions and stimulate motivation.

In conclusion, this first Being a Marie-Curie Ambassador conference was a very positive experience both for the speaker and for the participants and we hope that the road that we have marked is the right one for the future.

Written by Ruben Riosa