An award winning poster: Yron Joseph Manaig (ESR 8) presented some updates from his project in Barcelona

By 5th March 2020 News

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona – Last February 28, 2020, during the annual PhD Students’ Seminar organised by the Department of Animal and Food Science at the Facultat de Veterinària in UAB, our ESR 8, Yron Joseph Yabut Manaig won the Best Oral Presentation and was awarded with a 250 euros grant that he may use for the registration in future meetings or conferences.

This activity aims to increase the scientific interaction between researchers, students, and professors within the faculty, and to fulfil a mandatory activity requirement on participating in internal seminars of the research group and the department.

In this seminar, ten students offered a 10-minute presentation of a poster related to their thesis project, which was projected on a screen – the poster may have been presented or may be a pending presentation at any other meeting or conference. The winner of each award was voted upon by all of the attendees using a total of 40 points per category. All posters were in English, but some presenters were more comfortable in illustrating them in Spanish.

The presentations came from different specializations and fields of Animal and Food Sciences – ranging from genetics and genomics, feeds and nutrition, management and welfare, reproduction and lactation, food safety, food processing and control to food quality and innovation. The speakers of this year’s seminars came from Spain, Latin America, China, and the Philippines. Majority of the participants have shown some preliminary results, food and feed product evaluations, and basic and applied researches. Particularly, some have shown novel observations and products from their projects that may be valuable and available once tested and finished. All of the speakers were commended for their posters and presentations and were asked a few questions regarding their study and future directions.

Yron presented a poster entitled Identifying miRNA-mRNA regulatory relationship on extreme ω-6/ω-3 fatty acid ratio expression profiles in porcine skeletal muscle. Specifically, he talked about the determination of differentially expressed genes, microRNAs, pathways from selected porcine longissimus dorsi muscles, and the correlation of their expression profiles in response to ω-6/ω-3 fatty acid ratio. It has also involved differential miRNAs seed matching to 3’ UTR regions, which was then filtered to mRNA-miRNA negative regulations with biological meaning. Moreover, the study has shown genes, miRNA, and their regulatory relationships that are related to the metabolic regulation and muscle development and has demonstrated pathways that are involved in the regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism among mammals.

After all the presentations were completed, a small and brief discussion between the moderators, speakers and attendees was done in order to voice out comments, suggestions, and observations among the speakers – focussed particularly on posters structure and manner of presentation – but also to improve the organization of next year’s seminar.

In the end, it is a great news to hear that our ESR was awarded as the Best Oral Presentation, underlining, once again, the quality of our research programme.

Congratulations, Yron!


Written by Yron Joseph Yabut Manaig and Ruben Riosa