MANNA - project 01
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n6/n3 Fatty acid (FA) ratio effect on piglet microbiome and immunity

Autonomous University of Barcelona
Dr. Matilde Pinerio
MetLabs (Slovak Republic)

Tags: sows; n6/n3 ratios; EPS from Lactobacilli;



The aim of the project is to determine the impact of the n6/n3 fatty acid ratio in the diet of gestating and lactating sows on their performance and health, and on growth performance of the relative piglets.

Description of the project

The Early Stage Researcher (ESR) will first perform a trial on sows fed diets containing two different n6/n3 ratios throughout gestation and lactation. The effects on sow performance, milk fatty acids composition, and blood parameters will be evaluated. Piglets will be challenged with LPS from E. coli (serotype 055:B5), treated or not with exopolysaccharide (EPS) from Lactobacilli, characterized for immune modulation activity, received from the partner from the University of Kosice, and sampled for blood and faeces. At slaughter, liver and intestine will be sampled as well. The systemic and the intestinal immune status will be characterized using “classical” pathological and histological techniques. OMICs studies, including proteomics, metabolomics will be performed in serum and the microbiome will be determined for the sows and piglets in intestinal and faecal samples, the latter for the piglets only.

The ESR will be enrolled by the University of Milan ( under the supervision of Prof Giovanni Savoini and will be awarded a Double Doctorate degree in co-tutelle with the University of Glasgow, under the supervision of Dr Richard Burchmore at the University of Glasgow ( The supervision team is completed by Dr Matilde Pinerio from Acuvet ( at Zaragoza. The research will involve short secondments to the Autonomous University of Barcelona ( and MetLabs ( at Bratislava.