MANNA - project 03
03gb hr

Chicken proteomic and metabolomics biomarkers for production, health and welfare

Dr Geert Bruggeman
Nutrition Science (Belgium)
MetLabs (Slovak Republic)
Life Diagnostics (UK)

TAGS: OMICs; bacterial endotoxin; chicken;



The aim of the project is to determine the change in the proteome and metabolome of chicken following endotoxin challenge and the effect of diet on this response.

Description of the project

The Early Stage Researcher (ESR) will determine the effects of natural immunomodulatory compounds as supplements to the diet of chicken and the potential protection provided to challenge by bacterial endotoxin. Samples from control and challenged chicken will be analysed using OMICs (metabolomics, microbiomics, proteomics and transcriptomics) technologies. The ESR will subsequently identify candidate molecules for further investigation by developing appropriate assay systems. The ESR will evaluate growth performance of healthy and challenged chicken, define the protocol to use for proteomics and metabolomics for integrated tissue analysis in chicken, define the intestinal microbiome, demonstrate the effects of immunomodulatory molecules on proteins expressed in the microbiota, intestine, serum and muscle following challenge and finally identify biomarkers of nutritional status and for digestion of feed in chickens.

The ESR will be enrolled in the University of Glasgow ( under the supervision of Prof Maureen Bain and will be awarded a Double Doctorate degree in co-tutelle with the University of Zagreb (, under the supervision of Prof Vladimir Mrljak. The supervision team is completed by a non academic supervisor, Dr Geert Bruggeman, of Nutrition Science (, Belgium.

The research will involve secondments to Metlabs ( at Bratislava, in Slovak Republic, and Life Diagnostics ( (UK).

The selected candidate will participate in the network’s training activities and work placements in the laboratories of the participating academic and industrial partners.