The OMnalysis tool is now available!

By 27th September 2021 News

It is with great pleasure that we can finally share the final version of the OMnalysis tool!
The application has been created by Punit Tyagi, our very own ESR 11, and Prof. Mangesh Bhide, lead investigator from the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice, as the final and most ambitious target of the Scientific Work Package 5: “Development of an immune-metabolic bioinformatics platform.

This tool will allow to integrate omics data generated from MANNA and store it in a data repository and text mining tool for omics analyses and it will allow to extract biological relevance of putative biomarkers.
Although the targets of this work package were developed by the team in Kosice, the assistance form the rest of the ESRs was capital in order to try the tool and to collect all the Omics data from the other Scientific Work Packages.
It has been a really difficult period for our researchers, the pandemic forced them to delay the collection of the final data for their projects which subsequently put a strain on WP5 reports and milestones.
For this reason, we are ecstatic to finally have a very tangible result of the collaborative effort in the project.


For more information about the tool, please visit